Each year, more and more people are lining up to have gastric bypass surgery, despite the medical risks and very high cost. Is it the answer to our nation's battle with weight? Is it right for you? Dr. Phil explores both sides of this controversial issue.

Carnie's Struggle
Singer Carnie Wilson weighed nearly 300 pounds and thought she was going to die. She says gastric bypass surgery saved her life.


Carnie speaks out.


"She's Afraid I'll Leave Her"
Brian weighs 275 pounds and wants gastric bypass surgery. His wife, Sharon, fears that if he loses the weight, he'll no longer want her.




Will he go through with it?


Can't Stop Eating
Tiffany, 27, says gastric bypass surgery helped her lose more than 150 pounds. But eating is still her biggest problem " she just can't stop!



"Food is my addiction," she says.



Too Young for Surgery?
At 350 pounds, Angella, 18, thinks gastric bypass surgery is right for her. But she says her family and friends don't support her. "I'm afraid I will end up being 700 pounds," she says.


Dr. Phil's advice to Angella.

Extra Content

Gut Feelings and I'm Still Hungry
By Carnie Wilson

  • Wilson Phillips
  • Madelyn Fernstrom, Director of Weight Management Center at the University of Pittsburgh