From a bride-to-be who's becoming obsessed about the wedding to a guy who says he's so good-looking that women seem to run the other way, Dr. Phil and Robin answer these guests' questions.

What's your question?

Buried under Dirty Clothes
Rena is frustrated with the amount of laundry she has to do every week. She asks Robin: How much laundry does Dr. Phil generate?



See Robin's answer.



Nicole says planning her wedding is turning her into a monster.




Is she out of control?



Too Good-Looking?
Tim, who's 37 and single, says his good looks seem to scare women away.



Is Cupid just a bad shot?



Problem Area
Paul, 17, lost nearly 75 pounds, but wants plastic surgery on his "man breasts."



See what Dr. Phil thinks.



Where to Live?
Roxanne and Petyr have one big debate: Petyr wants to live in Chicago, and Roxanne wants to live in Southern California.



How do they compromise?



Theresa is a wife and stay-at-home mother who wants more time for herself.



How does Robin do it all?



A Peek into Dr. Phil's Bedroom!

Cortney thinks her parents should get rid of their flowered bedspread. She says, "There's no way Dr. Phil sleeps under flowers!"



Or does he?