Classic Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil wastes no time kicking off his new show - what he calls Truth TV - by getting real with stressed out parents. It's a wake-up call to people who argue in front of their kids.



Single and Stressed
Cathy is a single mom who is overwhelmed by stress and has a dangerous pattern of yelling and cursing at her kids. She wants to stop this destructive behavior once and for all.

See Cathy's first follow-up.

See how Cathy is doing one year later.


Fighting in Front of the Kids

Stephanie and Bret think they made a huge mistake by saying "I Do." They argue about everything, and do it in front of their son. They are terrified their confrontational marriage is going to end in divorce.


Here are some points that Dr. Phil drove home hard:

  • When you scream and argue in front of your kids, you change who they are. You break their spirit. Stop it. You do not have that right and must require more of yourself.
  • Kids do not have the word power to tell you how your out-of-control behavior makes them feel. Instead, they will suffer the heartache alone.
  • Don't stop being friends and lovers because you become moms and dads. If you love your kids, take care of each other so they will have a united family.
  • Instead of dwelling on some deep-seeded reason why you behave this way, draw a line in the sand and say "No More." Calm down, grow up, and put your kid's interest before your own.
  • Behave your way to success.
  • Dr. Phil admires the courage of today's guests. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge and their coming forward is the first step toward a better way of being. The people who act this way behind closed doors are nothing more than cowards and bullies.