The art of negotiating to get your kids to do anything begins the moment they are born. If you're tired of playing "Let's Make a Deal" with your children when it's time to eat, get dressed or go to sleep, Dr. Phil has advice.

Bedtime Bandit
Christopher, who's 3 1/2, won't stay in bed for the entire night. He sneaks out to play with the dog, gets in his brother's crib and raids the fridge.

Dr. Phil's commando parenting.




Picky Eater
Francesca, 2, is so finicky, her diet consists solely of grilled cheese sandwiches, but it has to be Havarti, not plain Swiss!



Is this a battle her parents should fight?




Pajama Problem
Stacia says that she can't get her daughters to stop wearing their pajamas. They keep them on at school, the park, the grocery store and even church.





Could Stacia be at fault?


Have the girls changed?




Patricia's Sex Talk
Everybody Loves Raymond's Patricia Heaton gets candid with Dr. Phil about having the "big talk" with her son.



Should moms talk to their boys about sex?




Birds and the Bees
Joann needs to talk to her 9-year-old daughter about sex, but she's afraid to do it. "I worry about STDs, somebody taking advantage of her," she says.




What's behind Joann's fear?




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