Dr. Phil kicks off his third season with the biggest challenge yet. After a massive search to find a town that's ready to get real about its problems " drugs, teen pregnancy, domestic violence and more " Dr. Phil is ready to lead the charge.

Welcome to Elgin, USA
Elgin, Texas, a town of 7,200 people, is experiencing the same challenges faced by communities across the globe. 

"It's time for us to fight back," Dr. Phil says.



Plan of Action
Dr. Phil holds a town hall meeting with thousands of Elgin residents to motivate them on their road to change. Also, the citizens of Elgin get to ask Dr. Phil their questions. 


"It's about schools, it's about community, it's about putting family back in America," Dr. Phil says.



Dr. Phil Makes a House Call
Meet Jim and Jennifer, the first Dr. Phil family in Elgin to get real about what's been going on behind closed doors: a marriage on the rocks, kids acting out and a family that's falling apart. 

"From the second I rang that doorbell, you're not alone anymore," Dr. Phil tells Jennifer.


The Waltons
Currently separated, Jim and Jennifer are working on themselves in order to try to heal their marriage and have a relationship for their children. They join Dr. Phil in the studio.


Have they made progress?