All this year, Dr. Phil is partnering with a small town. He turns the spotlight on the teenagers of Elgin, Texas, to give a wake-up call about bullying, drugs and teen pregnancy.

"I Want to Get Payback"
Kathy's 12-year-old son, Aaron, is constantly bullied at school. Now that he's starting to lash out at home, she worries that he could harm himself or others.

Dr. Phil's surprise for Aaron.


A Grandmother's Dilemma
Mertis is raising her 18-year-old grandson, Brandon, who dropped out of school and lies around the house all day. She fears that he could be doing drugs or worse.

Dr. Phil makes a house call.


Teen Mom
Krista, 17, finds it difficult to juggle motherhood, school and working part-time. "I never forget that I'm a mom and just a teenager in high school," she says

Dr. Phil gets real about teen pregnancy.