Millions of you watched the Weight Loss Challenge Finale when 10 of the Challengers walked away 1,000 pounds lighter and with fabulous prizes. Dr. Phil checks in to see how they are doing and how their lives have changed.

Weight Loss Challengers
Dr. Phil checks in with Jim, Barbara, Thomas, Kim and Judith.

You won't believe what they're up to!



Weight Loss Interventions
What happened to the 800-pound man called "Big John" that so many people were rooting for? Also, Dr. Phil follows up with 700-pound Joell, and Tim and Jan who were sabotaging each other with food. 


Have they been able to lose weight?


Teen Weight Loss Challengers
Dr. Phil's son, Jay, put four teens to the test, and they put most adults to shame.

See how far they have come.

It's not too late for you to get started!

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