When these two families first met with Dr. Phil, their lives were in chaos. Have they begun to make changes?

See their first appearance.

Dealing with Bullies
Name-calling, fighting and disrespect ruled John and Devon's household. Are their sons still bullying the girls in the family?

See their update.


Although doctors have theorized that Katie is learning disabled, no one has ever been able to diagnose her. Dr. Phil sends Katie to some specialists to see what, if anything, is wrong.


Some surprising results.


Tony and Tammy
With four children under 9, and a house in shambles, this family was in a constant state of chaos. Have they stopped all the yelling and screaming?


Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of Tammy's anger.



"A War Zone"
Tony and Tammy's house was literally falling apart around them while they were struggling to make repairs. Lowe's Home Improvement generously steps in to help.



Some relief for this family.



DrPhil.com Exclusive
Dr. Phil meets John and Devon backstage to discuss in more detail what to do if their sons don't stop bullying Katie.


Backstage with Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil checks back in. How are they now?


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