As Dr. Phil partners with the residents of Elgin, Texas, one of the issues he's taking on is weight. If you're ready to get real about dropping pounds,

A Wake-up Call
Weight Loss Challengers Jim and Thomas help Elginites get real about losing weight. "These people are going to have to make big-time choices and sacrifices," says Jim.



What's one of the town's biggest complaints?



A Teen in Turmoil
At 227 pounds, 17-year-old Miranda says she desperately wants to lose weight and find a boyfriend. But with a father who uses a deep fryer at every meal, does she have a chance?


An inspiring message for Miranda.



'I Live to Eat'
Jim, Elgin's city manager, weighs 299 pounds and says he wants to drop 100 of them. Dr. Phil sends in reinforcements to give Jim the help he needs.



Can Jim manage his weight?




'Diets Don't Work'
Lisa has tried everything to lose weight and can't stick to any diet plan. She fears that she'll inherit her family's obesity-related health problems.


Lisa gets real about her eating habits.



Workout Woes
Jeff goes to the gym every day for eight hours, but still weighs over 300 pounds. Why can't he shed the weight?


Dr. Phil's surprise for Jeff.

Extra Content

  • Precor
  • Tanita
  • Kirby Hawkins, owner of 3-H Cattle Company Restaurant