Today's guests say they're sick of being corrected, nagged and picked apart by their spouses. Dr. Phil has advice for putting an end to the non-stop criticism.

The Last Straw
Kenton says his bags are packed because he can't take his wife's criticism any more. Jenifer wants to stop nagging, but says her husband gives her so much to be critical of.

What's behind Jenifer's behavior?


Just for Jokes?
After six years of marriage, Kristin says her husband Jay's sarcasm has only gotten worse. He calls her "absent-minded," "uneducated," and makes her the butt of every joke.


Is Jay willing to change?



"Everything I Do is Wrong"
Tara and Jeremy are newlyweds who argue over how his socks should be folded and how his sandwiches should be made. "I think other people should do it my way," Jeremy says.


Can their marriage be saved?