Some of these women just didn't see it coming and have a hard time accepting that their marriage is over. Dr. Phil has advice for moving forward after divorce.

"I Can't Let Go"
Even though it's been nine months since her husband, Paul, filed for divorce, Lynda can't accept that her 10-year marriage is over. Paul says he just wants her to get on with her life without him.


Is Paul sending his wife mixed signals? Dr. Phil clears it up. 


"I Don't Have a Life Anymore"
After nine years of marriage, Alison's husband gave two days notice before moving out. Their divorce isn't final yet, but he's engaged to another woman.

"Your life isn't over," Dr. Phil tells Alison.

Jumpstart Your Life!
Dr. Phil calls on his friend and former colleague, Libby Gill, to make a house call and help Alison with the first steps to starting a new life.


For the first time, Alison asks for help.


Never Had a Résumé
Caroline spent 10 years in the Army before staying home to raise her four children. Now she's single and terrified she doesn't have what it takes to make it in today's corporate world.



"I'm just not polished," says Caroline. Exclusive
Dr. Phil returns to the stage after the show for some additional comments to his guests. Read his caution against labeling your feelings and the power of denial.


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