Kelly claims in the last year, her daughter, Danielle, changed from a vibrant young woman to a health-obsessed hypochondriac and a hoarder.

Kelly says Danielle spends all day monitoring her vitals, going to doctors and buying thousands of dollars’ worth of useless junk, including, most recently, 50 artificial Christmas trees. Danielle claims she changed almost overnight and now has such debilitating panic attacks, that she was rushed to the ER 40 times in the last year alone! Currently, Danielle says she can’t drive, can't work, and can’t even take care of her children by herself. Danielle says she’s seen 27 doctors and finds it unacceptable that they keep throwing all of her issues under the umbrella of anxiety. Danielle says she knows something is seriously wrong with her -- but Kelly says she believes all of her daughter’s problems are in her head. So is Danielle really sick? Have doctors just missed the underlying cause of all her problems?

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