Could your child be headed down a destructive path? Dr. Phil has advice for heeding the warning signs.

A Daughter in Trouble
Terri's 15-year-old daughter has a "hit list" of 27 people she wants to kill " and Terri is at the top of it. She and her husband had to build a bedroom with an alarm that sounds whenever she leaves the room.


"It's beyond life threatening," Terri sobs.

Update: Are they still fearful?


Eric's Journey
Stacie and Brian appeared on Dr. Phil's primetime parenting special because they were concerned about their 9-year-old son's destructive behavior.



Is Eric still acting out?



A Family in Torment
Kristine, her twin sister, Kathy, and their mom are all involved in parenting Kristine's 9-year-old son, Corey. Kristine's world came to a complete stop the day Corey killed their family pet.


See their first appearance.

How are they doing now?

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