We make judgments every time we meet people, often before we ever get to know them at all. Dr. Phil talks with guests who say they are tired of being judged and judging.

Can you guess who's who?
Before the show, Dr. Phil asked the audience to guess what label best describes these people.


Transgender Dilemma
Jaron was born a woman but always felt like a man on the inside. Now that he has started his process of becoming a man, he's called painful names like "It" and "Freak." 


"All I want is for people to give me a chance."


Going against Judgment
Former news anchor Bree Walker has dealt with stares and cruelty because of disfigurement to her hands and feet. She has even been judged for having kids, knowing she could pass it along.



"It does bother me if I can't be approved of by strangers.



Too Critical
Candy is a preacher's wife who says she's supposed to be accepting of everyone, but in truth she is quick to judge and puts people down.



Dr. Phil's surprise for Candy.



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