Could your child be headed down a destructive path? And could you be making parenting mistakes that will have long-lasting, damaging effects on your kids? Dr. Phil gives specific tools to put these fires out.

"Our Household is in Turmoil"
Naomi and Paul are at odds over disciplining their kids. Their 16-year-old daughter curses at them while their 9-year-old son acts out. "We just can't keep fighting," Naomi says. "It's killing me."


Dr. Phil's tools for parenting.



Like Father, Like Son?
Billy spent 8 1/2 years in prison for fraud and assault, while relatives raised his two sons. Now his 14-year-old son, Blake, is drinking, sneaking out and getting into trouble with the police.


 "I don't know how to be a parent," Billy admits.

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