Kids in Crisis

When Dr. Phil first spoke with Lou and Dina, they were struggling to blend two families together. Their parenting styles conflicted, their kids weren't getting along and everyone was feeling the turmoil. Now, as they attempt to turn things around, new crises have erupted.

See their first appearance on the show.

Cries for Help
Two weeks after the show, Lou and Dina found themselves in not one crisis, but two. One child ran away and another revealed a frightening secret.


See what happened.


No Excuses
Dr. Phil speaks with Lou and Dina about what he says they're doing wrong, and has a talk with their daughter, Ashley, about how she's doing now.


"Your family is on fire," Dr. Phil tells them.



A Cause for Concern
Despite the challenges after their first appearance, Lou and Dina's family have made small steps toward positive change. But Dr. Phil is concerned about their son's involvement with drugs.


Dr. Phil speaks with Alex.


A Big Blowup
Cameras in the home capture an out-of-control fight between Rachel and Ashley, who used to be best friends. Lou just watches, while Dina joins in.


"What are you doing?" Dr. Phil questions them.



Family Addition
Lou's oldest daughter moves in to an already overcrowded house and the family's dynamic changes. Plus, an update on Lou's daughter, Olivia, who had seemingly disappeared with his ex-wife.


Dr. Phil speaks with the whole family.

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