They beg, borrow and count on others to pay their way. These family freeloaders get busted by Dr. Phil because the buck stops here!


Freeloading Son
Connie says she's sick of supporting her son, Shane. He's a 21-year-old high school dropout who parties all night and sleeps all day.

"Mooching is a way of life," says Shane.

Rock Star Wannabe Husband
Jed dropped out of college to play the guitar and does nothing to help his new wife, Hillary, pay the bills. Hillary wonders if she'd be better off without him.

"I'm motivationally challenged," Jed says.

Mooching Mom
Danielle says her mother, Pamala, mooches off of everyone and Danielle is fed up. Pamala is not proud of it, saying she feels like "pond scum."

Dr. Phil's surprise for Danielle.

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