From out of control kids to critical moms, Dr. Phil answers your burning questions about parenting.

An Aggressive Son
When 8-year-old Beau gets mad, he hits the family dog, has screaming tantrums and pounds on the bedroom door. "I fear he is going to grow up and commit a crime," says his mom, Linda.


Dr. Phil makes a housecall. 



Critical Mom
Jacquie always finds fault with her 11-year-old daughter Rhaelle. "She's extremely lazy. I always tell Rhaelle that her brain is on freeze," she says.


What's behind Jacquie's actions?



Imaginary Friends
Cindy worries because the best friends her 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Destiny, has are not real. "She's always talking about them and asking to go play at their house," she says.


Is Destiny's behavior normal?


Getting Her "Phil"
Jenna, 2, loves Dr. Phil so much that he was the theme of her recent birthday party.

Dr. Phil's reaction.

Extra Content

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