Have you ever had one too many drinks and wondered what you look like? Or maybe you're one of those people who thinks no one could tell! See what happens when 30 people allow cameras to follow their every move as part of a drinking experiment.



Lowered Inhibitions
Seventy-one percent of the people polled say they drink to make themselves more outgoing. During this experiment, even the self-described "shy" people become quite friendly.


And how does drinking affect their basic skills?

Could You Drive?
See how a night of drinking can go from fun to not so fun. Plus, a driving simulator tests those who thought they were capable of driving home after drinking.



The drivers' shocking results.

Social Drinker?
Phil is fed up with his wife's drinking. Every time Christie comes home at 4 a.m., he takes the kids and leaves. Is drinking just one night a week really a problem?



See what Dr. Phil thinks.

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