All newlyweds experience the typical ups and downs during their first year of marriage, but are these relationships already too far gone to be saved?

Deceived During Courtship?
Nicole says that her husband, Jack, hasn't given her the wonderful life filled with a nice home, fancy cars and extravagant shopping sprees that she says he promised her.


"I felt so pampered. Now it's all disappeared." 



No Love and Affection
Tammi claims her six-month marriage to Roy lacks both attention and sex. Is the death of her former fiancé part of the problem? 

See what Dr. Phil thinks.



Lies, Lies, Lies
Carl admits he's been lying to his wife, Leticia, throughout their entire three-year relationship. He is desperate to stop his habitual lying so he can save their nine month marriage.


Will Leticia ever be able to trust Carl?