When a marriage is ripped apart, what happens to children caught in the middle? Dr. Phil sounds the alarm on parents who play tug-of-war with their kids.

A Neverending Battle
Kirsten and Robert have been to court more than 20 times this past year as they each fight for custody of their 6-year-old son, Andrew.

Dr. Phil's advice to the couple.



"He's All I Have in the World"
Michelle turned over custody of her son, Justin, but now she wants him back. Justin's stepmother, Ann, says he's better off with her.

Can they reach an agreement?



A Sibling's Dilemma
Christine, 26, was recently awarded custody of her 13-year-old brother, who was in the foster care system. Can she be both a sister and a mother?


Dr. Phil's surprise for the family.



Bridget Marks Update
Former model Bridget Marks made New York headlines when she was ordered to turn her 5-year-old twin girls over to their father.

See Bridget's first appearance on the show.

How is she doing now?


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