They don't pay attention! They talk back! And they absolutely lose control when they have temper tantrums! Dr. Phil's talking about toddlers and their top three behavior problems. Find out how you can deal with them.

Ruling the Roost
Michele and Todd need Dr. Phil's help dealing with their rambunctious 3-year-old twin boys, who throw frequent temper tantrums, talk back and disregard their parents' rules.


What is the underlying problem?



Celebrity Mom
Although she's primarily known for her acting, Jamie Lee Curtis says she's found her true voice as a children's author and her life's purpose in being a mom.


Jamie Lee's take on tantrums.


Terrible Tantrums
Deborah and Jeff say their 5-year-old daughter, Ashton, whines, yells, pounds her fists and slams doors when she doesn't get her way.

Could baby brother be the problem? Exclusive
After the show, the audience gets to ask their parenting questions.




What you didn't see on the show.

Extra Content

It's Hard to Be Five: Learning How to Work My Control Panel
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