You've seen how Elgin, Texas is a town facing challenges that your community knows all too well. Now take a look at how "Anywhere, USA" is setting an example across the country.

"We Hardly Saw Each Other"
Deborah and Terry were working all the time and putting their family at the bottom of their to-do list. They said all of that changed one night not long ago.

The family's wake-up call.



Brandon's Journey
Mertis came on the show because she was in over her head raising her 18-year-old grandson Brandon. He was sleeping all day, partying all night and refused to get a job.


Has Brandon changed his ways?


A Phenomenal Family
Jordan and Kay have lived in Elgin for over 21 years. When the town was asked to nominate a Phenomenal Family, the couple showed up at the top of many people's lists.


Dr. Phil's surprise for the family. 


Elgin's Weight Loss Challenge
Like the rest of the country, Elgin has a problem with obesity. When the residents were ready to get real about their weight, Dr. Phil sent in reinforcements!


See how the Challengers are doing.


Learn Dr. Phil's Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.



Phenomenal Teachers
Teachers are a huge asset in any town. Dr. Phil turns the spotlight on those who have been picked by their schools for making a difference in Elgin.



A special gift for the teachers.



Students Who Shine
The Elgin schools were asked to nominate some great kids who stand out as shining examples.

Dr. Phil surprises the students.


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