Six months ago, Ed revealed to his wife of 12 years that he'd been having an affair. That news was shocking enough, but shortly after he dropped another bombshell: The mistress is pregnant.

See their story.


"I Want Both of You"
Ed can't decide who he wants to be with " his wife or his mistress. Kandi's at the end of her rope. 

He's still back and forth between them.


The Other Woman
Kandi has spoken to the mistress and is trying to get to the bottom of whether Ed is the real father of this unborn child.  

"She'll do anything to get my husband."


What about the Kids?
Ed and Kandi have three boys under 9, who've all witnessed the fighting. How do they explain to the kids what is going on?

Dr. Phil gives them his rules about children.

What to Do Now
Ed and Kandi want to know what to do about the child that's on the way. And where do they go from here?

Dr. Phil advises them how to move on.


Dr. Phil sees them again.