These guests say they have an overwhelming fear that has taken control of their lives.


Monica is afraid to leave her house or be separated from her husband. He has quit his job and shelved his dreams to care for her around the clock. Will her phobia destroy their marriage? Their kids?


Joining the show via satellite.


Michele is petrified of small pieces of paper to the point where she gets physically sick when she sees them. It's an embarrassing phobia, and it's affecting her children.

Only her family knows.



Carey's fear of vomiting causes panic attacks and makes her unable to eat, sleep or travel far from her home. 


"I feel like such a bad mom,"says Carey.



Pam is scared to death of birds and her quest to avoid them has altered her life. She only goes out at night, won't travel and is afraid of her own backyard.


"I break out in a sweat," says Pam.


 Final Thoughts
"I don't want you to be fooled and think that you have to be a prisoner to your fears and to your phobias," says Dr. Phil. "These things are manageable. Don't be ashamed of this, and don't think that you're crazy or there's something wrong with you that you need to hide from people. These things happen. You're not alone. And it'll only continue to imprison you if you sit at home afraid that somebody's going to find out about it. Be willing to reach out for help."

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