Dr. Phil goes in his mailbag and answers letters from pre-teens and teens about coping with parents and overcoming challenges. Plus, with the help of the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), he helps make some dreams come true.

Strict Parents
"My parents are wicked overprotective," says 15-year-old Adriana. They constantly worry she's going to be kidnapped, and want her to live with them until she's married!



Will her parents loosen the reins?


Forced to Play Football
Bucky, 9, was so excited about playing football - until he got the wind knocked out of him. Now he no longer wants to play, but his father won't let him quit.

Should he be allowed to quit?


A Female Wrestler
Sixteen-year-old Olivia has been wrestling since the fifth grade, but her mother, Martha, still doesn't approve. "I want her to be a lady," she says.


Should girls be allowed to wrestle?


"I Don't Feel Normal"
Heather, 17, didn't have a care in the world until this summer when she received some shocking news. "When I found out, it just didn't click with me. I didn't know it could happen to 17-year-olds," she says.


Dr. Phil's surprise for Heather.


Triumphing over Tragedy
At 11, Luz fought to keep her siblings together after her parents went to jail. Now at 18, she wants to go away to college, but wonders if she can handle being separated from her family. 

What will she decide?

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