Dr. Phil checks in with some of his most memorable guests to see if they took his advice or went back to their old ways.

Was Lacy able to keep up her end of the deal she made with Dr. Phil: no shopping for 30 days in exchange for a diamond engagement ring? And did her boyfriend, Justin, pop the question? 

Dr. Phil's surprise for the couple.


Sharp Tongue
Jesse used to make fun of everyone she saw. Since the show she has lost 60 pounds, but has she lost her bad attitude? 


See if she's changed.


ADD Debate
When Nicole was on the show, she was caught in the middle between the school that wanted to medicate her son and her son who didn't want to take his pills. 

See how they're doing now.


Update: Check back in with Austin, who is now 13!


Fighting Anorexia
Meg weighed 88 pounds and was losing her battle with anorexia when she decided to get help with her struggle. 

 How is she doing today?


More Updates
See what's happened with Keith the bully, Jen who returns everything — even her engagement ring, Peter who's obsessed with sports and Stacia, whose daughters wouldn't get out of their pajamas! 


Have they changed their ways?

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