Dr. Phil has kicked off the Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge! Decide which one of these families inspires you most, and then get involved by joining their team!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Penningtons: Vic the father, Pennie the mom, Luke the oldest, and Jake, well, at 6' 1" it is hard to call him the baby so, we will call him the youngest. I believe that will sit pretty well with him.

Vic and my marriage began with a diet and we have been on a diet ever since. When Luke turned 5 we began to "Family Diet" and if any of you have ever done that you know what an experience that is! Let the good times roll ... right? On we ambled for another 13 years, growing ever more increasing in size. Not that we had more children just more of us and our children. As a mother I had put us on every diet and food restriction that came in the headlines and a lot that did not. Mother's intuition? No, just a stab in the dark for a magical cure. That is what brought us to Dr. Phil's Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge.

I was walking through my house praying, talking to myself asking 'What else can I do for my family to lose weight that I have not done before? What is going to be the key to unlock this door and forever give my family the health and freedom they deserve?' I did not realize it then, but there would be seven keys, Dr. Phil's seven keys.

I realize now, and want each of you to realize that it is not what you are eating completely, it is what is eating you. What is keeping you and your family from being all you should and could be? What haven't you done that you should do? For us and for each of you, it is starting over. Building your eating plan and life plan on a firm foundation. One that is clear of fractures and unleveled surfaces.

Starting with Dr. Phil's book, The Ultimate Weight Solution, and staying the course is the answer for all of us. Come along with us as we tell ALL our secret hiding places for snacks, as we get measured and weighed, as serious problems pop up out of nowhere and we handle them together with you in your home. We are the average American family living the current American nightmare, family obesity. Weigh with us, measure with us and struggle with us as we unite with you and your family to end this nightmare and begin living our dreams. Together we can do it!

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Do you spend every second of your day working, taking care of kids, and trying to stay afloat? Do you ever wish the rest of the world would just "chill" for a month, just so you can catch up? Are you stressed by the holidays, a job change, a move, or ongoing family crises? Are you so busy trying to keep up with life that there's NO WAY you can lose weight?

Congratulations, you just joined our team!!!

We're the Halls, and we know what you're up against! We have read the books. We have tried all the diets. We've even had weight loss surgery! But it wasn't until we applied Dr. Phil's Seven Keys for Weight Loss Success that we finally broke free from a history of yo-yo weight problems!

First a little about us! Larry's a 47-year-old computer tech who spends a lot of time helping others with computer issues and car repair. Kim, 43, is a full-time administrator, full-time mom, full-time chauffer and full-time family scheduler. In her free time, Kim is becoming a Doula (a woman who serves moms during their labor and delivery). Dayle, 18, is a high school senior who is on the school debate and swim teams, has traveled to and has a heart for Africa, and is involved in church youth activities. At 16, Grace is a sophomore who loves being in band, has piano lessons and is taking communications classes.

Add routine dental appointments, football games, and church activities, and our schedule is packed. So packed we don't have time to exercise — or so we thought. So packed that we used to call the kids to dinner by saying "Get in the car, we're going for hamburgers!" So packed that we not only made lousy health choices, but we also passed these habits down to our girls!

That's why we are so excited to participate in Dr. Phil's Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge! Not only are we FINDING time to adopt better lifestyle habits, we are thrilled that the whole family is making great progress. We can hardly wait to see the final results!

We'll end our introduction where we began. If you're overweight, if you're too busy to add another "thing" to your schedule, and yet you're worried about your family's health, then join our team. Using Dr. Phil's Seven Keys to Weight Loss Success together, we can "Get Real" about our health, feel better than we have in years (or ever!) and give our children a fantastic legacy!

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