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These seven women say they live in fear every single day that their painful secrets will be discovered " secrets that could land them in jail, destroy their marriages, and even cost them their lives. They go face-to-face with Dr. Phil in a two-day workshop to finally stop living their masquerades and start revealing the truth.

A stay-at-home mom and born-again Christian who's been married for six years, her secret began when her husband revealed one of his own.




A self-described "typical mom" and competitive tennis player, her secret life begins at night as soon as her two children go to sleep.



Married for 20 years, she calls herself an extremely lonely housewife and fears her secret will make her lose her home.





A stay-at-home mom who's been married for four years, she lives a life of quiet desperation, feeling trapped and too guilty to change.





She's a grandmother who's married to a police officer, goes to church regularly and does volunteer work. Her secret could cost her not only her marriage " it could land her in jail.




A mother of five, she's been lying to her husband for three years in order to cover up the dangerous double life that could kill her.





A mother of two with a wonderful marriage and a beautiful home, she's an expert at hiding a painful problem she's had since she was a teenager.


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