They lie, steal, get expelled from school and even get arrested. These teenagers could end up behind bars if their parents don't do something to stop the violence and rebellion. Dr. Phil offers advice on managing crisis.

A Teen on the Edge
In the past month, Jennifer's 16-year-old son, Tim, has been expelled from school and arrested on six counts of breaking and entering. He also admits to drinking and using drugs. 


What's behind Tim's behavior?


An Intervention
Dr. Phil walks backstage to convince Tim to enter a wilderness therapy program. If Tim refuses, an agent will escort the teenager to the program.


What will Tim decide?


No Longer a Threat?
Dr. Phil follows up with Terri and David, whose 15-year-old daughter had a hit list of 27 people she wanted to kill. Now that she's at a facility for at-risk teens, Terri struggles with guilt. 


"I still have nightmares," she says.


"The Lowest Point in My Life"
Rhonda says her three sons are so aggressive that their principal has her home number on speed dial. They've been even more out-of-control since she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

"They've threatened to kill each other."



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