Cassie and Nicole were taking extreme measures to be thin. After speaking with Dr. Phil, they both checked into treatment centers for their life-threatening eating disorders. How are they now?

Cassie was throwing up as much as 60 times a day, had unwanted sex just to burn calories, and consumed large amounts of laxatives that caused her to have a heart attack at 16. 


Learning to deal with her feelings.


Cassie wants to continue her treatment in an outpatient program back in Australia. Her family worries that her disorder will still divide and consume the family.

Dr. Phil warns Cassie and her family.


Nicole defiantly agreed to check into a treatment center for help with her addiction to diet pills. While in treatment, she confronts a dark secret she's kept hidden for 13 years.


She has more hard work ahead of her. Exclusive
Dr. Phil returns to the stage after the show to thank to Cassie and Nicole for their courage.


What you didn't see on TV.


"There's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your weight under control to look your best," says Dr. Phil. "But too much of anything is not good, especially when it comes to dieting. You're putting your mind and body in harm's way if you're doing extreme things and it could even cost you your life. You can have the best of both worlds " you can do it healthfully, you can do it properly, and have everything you want and feel better while you're doing it."



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