If you're lying about your age or hiding the birthday candles, it's time to take action! Discover beauty secrets that the stars swear by, and find out what products Robin recommends.

Robin sits down with Olivia Newton-John, Cher, Bernadette Peters and Mimi Rogers to find out their secrets for aging gracefully.


Afraid to Age
Lindsey is a 21-year-old who worries about aging and wrinkles, and is considering Botox. "I already use an anti-aging cream," she says.

Robin's advice to Lindsey.


A Wonder Plant
There's one affordable beauty secret that Robin swears by. It also helped her sister, Cindi, heal scars after an act of violence.

Find out what it is.


Robin's Recommendations
Robin shows off the products that keep her looking young and healthy, including the latest anti-aging tool.

Robin gives a demonstration.


Breast Cancer Awareness
Twelve years ago, Olivia Newton-John discovered that she had breast cancer. Now she's developed Liv Kits, a self-exam kit for early detection.


What every woman must know.

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  • The mission of Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization is to ensure, through information, empowerment and peer support, that no one faces breast cancer alone. Call
    1-800-221-2141 (English) or
    1-800-986-9505 (Spanish).