Robin joins Dr. Phil to give a female perspective on everything from bachelor parties and date nights, to corresponding with ex-flames and what she does when Dr. Phil's not around.

Bachelor Party Dilemma
Amanda objects to her fiancé, Trey, going to a strip club for his bachelor party. Trey says it's tradition and it's more for the other guys than him.

See what Robin thinks.


Reuniting With an Ex-Love
Pete has been calling and e-mailing his first love, and his wife, Corrin, wants it to stop.

"If she asks me to stop communicating with Susan, I would refuse her," Pete says.


Doggie Discipline
Khara and John have lost control of their 22-month-old dog, Amelie. She destroys everything, and has even opened the oven and eaten the food that was cooking! Plus, meet Dr. Phil's new dog!

Is this a red flag for what kind of parents they'll be?


No Time For Dates
Dawn and Brad work full time and spend their free time with their two small children, leaving no alone time for the two of them. They want to know if Robin and Dr. Phil had date nights.

Robin shares her experience.


Nightmares About Dr. Phil
Heather and Mitch want to know how to stop the nightmares their 2 1/2-year-old son, Connor, is having about monsters and ... Dr. Phil!

"He gets me in headlocks," says Connor.


Robin and Dr. Phil's Secrets
Robin confesses what she does when she's at home alone, and Dr. Phil reveals what he watches on TV.

Go inside the McGraw house.

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