After 12 years of marriage, Ed revealed to Kandi that he'd been having an affair and his mistress is now pregnant. Dr. Phil continues his in-depth look at the anatomy of an affair.

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Saving a Marriage
Ed and Kandi were both making an effort to plug back into their marriage. Then Ed ran into the other woman and learned she's having a girl.


"I've always wanted to have a girl," says Ed.


Dealing With the Affair
Kandi lives in constant fear that Ed is going back to the other woman. Is it even possible to rebuild trust in this marriage?

"You need to kick his ass to the curb."


What the Mistress Has to Say
The other woman speaks up about her affair with Ed and what the future holds for their baby. Kandi can't believe her ears.

"This won't be his last affair."


Caught in the Crossfire
Ed and Kandi vowed to never fight in front of their children again. What do cameras in the home reveal?

The children know too much.


Formula for Success
Dr. Phil gives Ed and Kandi his formula for salvaging their relationship after an affair.

"You cannot continue to work with that woman and save your marriage." Exclusive
Dr. Phil returns to the stage for some additional words with Ed and Kandi.

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