Dr. Phil looks at the fears and difficulties that arise when a family brings an adopted child into their home. Plus, updates from the first show.

See the updates since this show taped.

Unable to Bond
Melissa and Bobby adopted a toddler from India. A year later, they haven't bonded with him and say they don't love him.

They have even considered sending him back.


Rachel's Update
Since being on the show, 16-year-old Rachel has had to grow up quickly. Now she faces the biggest decision of her life: Who will raise her baby?.




Rachel meets with prospective parents.



Longing to Be Parents
Many viewers were moved by the story of Jack and Jill, particularly two young, pregnant women who wanted to meet them.



Will they be offered the gift of a lifetime?

Adoption Success Story
Sandi has firsthand advice for young women having a hard time deciding whether or not to place their baby for adoption.

Advice from an adoptee.



Foster Kids Update
Dr. Phil received a huge response from viewers who are interested in making Dion, Ashley and Luis part of their family. The Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services is working to make a match for these great kids.

Dr. Phil continues adoption stories in Part 3.