They're wearing tiaras at age 2 and standing in audition lines by the time they're 5! Is it the little girls — or their parents — who are on an all-consuming quest for stardom?

Pageant Princess
Regan has been doing the pageant circuit since she was a year old. Three years later, she has over 100 crowns and 400 trophies. 


Is all that glitters really gold?


Acting Ashley
Michelle insists on pursuing her 6-year-old daughter Ashley's acting career, even though she's never gotten an acting job. It's put Michelle and her husband on the brink of bankruptcy and divorce.

"We're too close to success to quit now."


TV Twins
Twins Lena and Gigi hit the jackpot when they won a starring role on the WB show Reba, and it was only their second audition! Their parents, Tony and Michelle, worry about what happens now that they got their big break.

Michelle questions if they're abusing their kids. Exclusive
After the show, an audience member has a suggestion for one of the guests.