Would you want to choose the sex of your baby? Can you imagine being a surrogate mom? Dr. Phil discusses some of the most controversial medical concerns of our time, particularly those involving babies.

Injured at Birth
During the delivery of Lisa's son, Tanner, his right shoulder was paralyzed. Lisa's been so focused on his injury that she's neglected her husband and daughter.

How can she move past the pain?


A Surrogate Mom?
Nicole loves having a family and she wants to help another couple achieve that dream by being a surrogate for them. Her husband is totally against the idea and has given her 27 reasons why.

Should she go through with the process?


Messing With Mother Nature?
Melissa is a ballet teacher with two boys, but she's always wanted a little girl to put in a tutu. She's ready to turn to science to choose the sex of her next baby.

See what Dr. Phil thinks.



Switched At Birth
Kathy was worried because there was a mix-up at the hospital concerning her newborn daughter. Although her child was returned, Kathy now has another medical concern.  


How can she get over her fears?

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