Do you know a child who just loves to talk back, disobey, cuss, scream or bully? Dr. Phil talks about how to deal with disrespectful kids as part of his ongoing "Family First" series.

A Teen's Attitude
Darlene says her 14-year-old daughter, Jodie, is out of control. She has problems with authority, and was even sent to boot camp.

Jodie's side of the story.


Temper Tantrums
Avery is only 4 years old and threatens to quit pre-school every day. Her mom, Jen, calls her "the biggest brat in the universe" and "a monster." 


Could her parenting be to blame?



A Stepmom's Dilemma
Ellen says her 14-year-old stepson's behavior is so disrespectful and obnoxious, it's ruining her marriage. She says he was hell from day one.

See what Dr. Phil thinks.

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Parenting From the Inside Out
By Dr. Daniel J. Siegel