Part 2

Two families are leading Dr. Phil's challenge to all families — mastering his 7 Keys to weight loss freedom. 

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The Competition Heats Up
The Penningtons and the Halls have been working hard to get their weight off.



See what the scale says.


Putting Out a Fire
Dr. Phil received a frantic call from the Penningtons about a serious issue they couldn't ignore. Plus, a special surprise for Jake.



What has them so worried?


New Struggles
The Halls have been following all 7 Keys to weight loss freedom for almost four weeks and they've had some realizations that have caught them by surprise.


Their stumbling blocks.


Choosing Trainers
Robert Reames, the Weight Loss Challenge trainer, went to Gold's Gym to make sure each family got the best trainers. Also, see which team walks away with today's big prize.


And the winner is?