Are you a husband or wife who wants to change something about your spouse? Dr. Phil's guests get makeovers on the outside and overhauls on the inside, all in an effort to please their spouse.

Stuck in a Time Warp
Jill's husband, Von, has had the same hairstyle since childhood, wears only T-shirts and shorts and lacks in the romance department. She's ready for him to make drastic changes inside and out.


Von's amazing transformation.


Hates to Clean
Tre says his wife, Joyce, needs an overhaul with her attitude about cleaning their house — she won't do it because it interferes with her life — and neglecting her appearance.


Joyce gets help cleaning up her act.


Dad's Day at Home
Arthur is certain that his wife's job as a stay-at-home mom to their two young sons is a piece of cake. Could one day of changing diapers, cleaning the house and entertaining the boys change his perspective?


Arthur gets a reality check.

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