How do you know when your dreams are realistic or if it's time to move on and get real? You be the judge!

Destined for Stardom?
Christie was recently on the show because her husband couldn't stand her drinking and partying. Now she says he's holding her back from becoming a famous country singer.

See what the experts think.



Soap Opera Mom?
Christi, a mother of five, has big dreams of becoming a soap star — even though she's never taken acting lessons! Does she have what it takes to make it? Her husband thinks she should get real!


We put her to the test — a screen test!


Anything for Acting
Cory's dream of becoming an actor is taking a toll on his marriage. He's moved his family eight times in six years, and even joined the Army in hopes that he'd get stationed near Hollywood!


What does Dr. Phil think?



Hollywood Hopefuls
A comedian, musician and actress talk about their struggles to make it in the industry.

Dr. Phil's life-changing surprise.

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