If you've been dumped, betrayed, cheated on and left heartbroken, Dr. Phil as advice for letting go and moving on.

"He's My Weakness"
Trina can't stop falling into the arms of her ex — even though he lives with another woman. She's already had his son, and is now pregnant with his twins.

"You've got to set a standard," says Dr. Phil.


Can't Trust Women
Tim was a very successful NFL player who thought he found the perfect wife. But after an ugly divorce and bitter custody battle, he says he can't trust a woman again.

Can Dr. Phil convince him otherwise?


Holding On to Hope
Doryanna and Chris ended their relationship, but still live in the same house. Chris says he's not interested in marriage or kids, but Doryanna still has hope for a future together.

Dr. Phil sheds light on their chances.