In this new series, six brides desperate to shed weight before their special day compete for the chance to have their most amazing wedding wishes come true.

Meet the six contestants, see their goal weights, and find out what very special incentive Dr. Phil has in store for them!

See which brides win the first big prize.


"When I look at myself in the mirror, at my body, it makes me physically sick," says Tara, who weighs 245 pounds.

What does Dr. Phil think?


This future bride says she felt like an "amazon" most of her life. Now she wants to surprise her fiancé and knock his socks off when she walks down the aisle. 

Dr. Phil's plan for her.


She's marrying a former Olympic athlete, and says that losing the last 50 pounds before her wedding is impossible.

What's her biggest challenge?


Rachel was so ashamed of her body that she pushed her wedding back three years so she could look her best.

"I've put my life on hold."


This bride-to-be is losing the battle of the bulge, and so is her fiancé. She says her biggest fear is losing him.

Dr. Phil's advice to her.


This 28-year-old has already gained 10 pounds from wedding stress and weighs more than her husband-to-be.

"I've reached rock bottom."

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