Is your child having out-of-control temper tantrums? Is she demanding to sleep in bed with you? Are two of your kids taking sibling rivalry to a new extreme? Dr. Phil has advice for parents who are being pushed to their limit.

Show and Tell
Ray has discovered that he has a "private part." His parents say the problem is that he wants to show everyone in school!


Should they be concerned?


Bedtime Blues
Renee and Jeff haven't slept in the same bed together for about four years because their 7-year-old won't sleep in her own bed!



Advice from the experts.


'A Sore Loser'
When 5-year-old Jordan thinks he's going to lose, he cheats, turns red and starts growling!



Why is he so competitive?

Fighting Brothers
Jammie and Rick say their two sons won't stop fighting, biting and pulling each other's hair.



What can they do?

Playing Horsey
When does playing make believe go too far? Is it normal for a 3-year-old to act like a horse?



Dr. Phil's advice. 

Extra Content

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