America's consumer debt is more than the total revenue of Canada. Are you in debt? Is your spending out of control? Make money management your New Year's resolution! Dr. Phil and financial expert Elizabeth Warren show you how.

Designer Family
To keep their family in designer clothes, Eris and Vivian have to cut out important things like groceries. They've filed for bankruptcy once and are back in worse debt than they were before they filed.

Will they commit to a new plan?


Living Paycheck to Paycheck
Thai and CJ own a beautiful home and a new SUV. But after making their house and car payments, they have to sell stuff on eBay to just barely squeak by until the next payday.


What are they doing wrong? Exclusive
Dr. Phil and Elizabeth Warren take questions from the audience. Why are student loans so important? Where can you get a reliable used car? And what's wrong with home equity loans?


What you didn't see on TV.

Extra Content

The Two-Income Trap
By Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi