Behind the Scenes

It's a holiday extravaganza as Dr. Phil and Robin host a huge party for military families with loved ones overseas. "We knew going in that there was nothing we could do to replace mom or dad not being there, but our hope was that we could create something that maybe filled the void a little bit, and took their minds off of that," says Dr. Phil.

A Holiday to Remember
Dr. Phil and Robin transform their home into a winter wonderland for some very special families who need extra joy this holiday season.



Meet the families.


Counting the Days
Having a loved one overseas can take a toll. Dr. Phil and Robin answer a few questions to help families through tough times.



See their advice.

More Surprises
Each family gets a shopping spree at Target to buy gifts for their loved ones in Iraq. Plus, a gift for everyone in the audience!



Shopping and gifts galore.

See part 2 of Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas party.