If someone said they could predict your future, would you want to know? Do you ever wish you could be able to talk to a loved one who's passed away? What if it becomes detrimental to your family and your bank account?

Talking With the Dead
Michelle was estranged from her brother Michael when he was killed in an accident. Now she's spending thousands of dollars on psychics trying to communicate with him.

How can she move on?


"White Noise"
Michael Keaton stars in a new paranormal thriller about communicating with the dead. He joins Dr. Phil on stage and gives his thoughts on the subject.

Can the dead really talk to us?


A spiritual adviser approached Trina in a mall and told her she was cursed. Trina has spent $30,000 to turn the tides.

Still living in fear.


Spiritual Intuitive
Char Margolis is world renowned for her intuition and says everyone has the power to develop their own psychic sense.

Char explains how she does it.

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