All parents make sacrifices for their children, but what if you are so resentful that you literally fantasize about life without your little ones? Dr. Phil has advice for parents struggling to bond with a child they say is ruining their lives.

"Lily Is An Inconvenience."
Veronica was so devastated by her cheating ex-husband that she takes out her pain on their 4-year-old daughter, Lily. She yells at her, tells her she hates her and has even thought about placing Lily for adoption.
Dr. Phil's advice for breaking the barrier and learning to bond with your child.

Cramping His Style
Scott says his wife, Sara, practically bribed him to start a family. Their son is now 7 months old and Scott would rather be out riding his motorcycle than at home bonding with his son.
Advice for a reluctant dad.


"You Make My Life Miserable."
After four years of constant yelling and fighting with their son, Michele and Michael say they fantasize about life without him. His behavior has even put a strain on their marriage.


How to end the power struggle.

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