Relationship Resolutions

Could your relationship use some spicing up for the New Year? Dr. Phil talks to couples who say their marriage has lost its spark, and they want to fire it up.

Finance or Romance?
Nita says her husband, Stephon, swept her off her feet when they were dating. But now that they're married and have a baby, she says his idea of passion is just paying the bills.


"Romance is a luxury," Stephon says.


Not Sexually Stimulated
Pam wants more sex, but her husband, Kirk, is just not attracted to her anymore. He says he wishes she had a "bigger butt" — like J-Lo!

Can they get the excitement back?


Life Makeover
When Jona's 16-year marriage to Don ended, she vowed to makeover her life and ultimately win her husband back.

How did she do it?