Below is information on how to get started on Dr. Phil's "Staying Alive 2005" Weight Loss Challenge. Five Challengers were introduced on the show ... but you can bump one of them off and take their place! Follow the instructions below to officially join the Challenge, and then keep watching the show and check for more information as the competition continues. You could win thousands of dollars in prizes ... and get a new body and good health along the way.

Get Weighed In

To get started on the Challenge, you must weigh in. Click here to print out an official weigh-in form. Please be sure to fill out the form completely and have it signed by the professional who weighs you in. Keep this form until you get further direction from the show or on This is your OFFICIAL entry form, and you will need it in order to bump someone out of the Challenge. Be sure and weigh in soon. The sooner you start, the better. We want to know about every pound you lose starting today.

  The following are official weigh-in locations:

  • Gold's Gym
      Go to a participating Gold's Gym and they will weigh and measure you. Have them fill out your official form, and they will keep your information in their files so you can periodically weigh in with them and see your progress. Plus, you are eligible for a free 30-day membership so you can get moving and working toward your weight loss goal.

  • Mall of America
    If you live in the Minneapolis area, you can go to the Mall of America on "Weigh-in Wednesdays" from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The station will be located on the third floor south. If you have questions, check out the events section of Bring the printable Staying Alive in 2005 Official Start Form with you and fill out the information there.  

    Weigh in Wednesdays is proudly sponsored by HealthCare Dimensions.

  • Doctor or Nurse's Office, Hospital
    Go to your doctor's office and have a doctor or a nurse weigh you in. They can record the information on your personal chart. You can even go to your child's doctor or nurse and have them weigh you in. If you are a teacher or work in a school, go to the nurse at your school and get weighed in.
    *You can also go to your local gym or a YMCA to get weighed in. Please remember to bring the Official Start Form with you and have it signed by a trainer.

    2. Tell us about yourself
    We want to know who you are and what your goals are in joining the Challenge.
    Tell us your story.
    3. Join the Discussions
    Key 7 emphasizes the importance of having a circle of support as you lose weight. You can't do it yourself, so it is important to surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people who want you to lose weight and succeed at your health and fitness efforts. Visit the message boards and get to know other people who want to make this year's New Year's resolution a reality.

    4. Read The Ultimate Weight Solution
    Read and master Dr. Phil's seven keys from the book, The Ultimate Weight Solution: The Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. Reading the book will change the way you behave and think about food, weight loss and yourself. You will learn to get off the weight loss rollercoaster and fix the problem once and for all by taking control of your thinking and your weight.
    While it is important to read the entire book, focus on these chapters in preparation for your first quiz.
    Read chapter 4: Key One: Right Thinking
    Read chapter 6: Key Three: A No-Fail Environment
    Read chapter 8: Key Five: High-Response Cost, High-Yield Nutrition
    5. Begin the Rapid Start Plan
    Key 5 explains the benefits of proper nutrition and eating foods that keep you full longer. To lose weight, you must choose foods that support good behavioral control over your eating. High-response cost, high-yield foods, organized into a moderate, balanced, calorie-controlled plan will help to ensure weight loss. Dr. Phil's Rapid Start Plan is a 4-day calorie-controlled program that helps gear your body for accelerated weight loss. Find out more about the plan in The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide. Get started on the plan at the beginning of your weight-loss journey so you will lose weight initially, and stay motivated to continue with your lifestyle change.   6. Ask Questions
    Once you begin your lifestyle change, many questions will arise regarding nutrition and exercise. JJ Virgin, the Weight Loss Challenge nutritionist, and Robert Reames, the Weight Loss Challenge trainer, will answer some of these questions on future shows.

    Have a question for JJ Virgin? Tell us.

    Have a question for Robert Reames? Tell us.

    Be sure to check back in at and the message boards to see when it's your turn to kick off one of the five challengers.

    Visit to find out how to get your own Tanita scale.

    Remember, this challenge is not just about losing pounds, it is about mastering all
    seven keys to weight loss freedom. Your goal should be to master the seven keys, while losing weight and body fat along the way. A big component during the competition will be what percentage of weight you have lost toward your total weight-loss goal, not just the pounds. Any people chosen to be kicked off of the challenge and any people chosen to replace them will be at the producers' discretion.